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As part of the Mondial de la Bière in May 2023, we collaborated with the Gare Windsor team and their suppliers for recycling. Windsor Station already has a system in place that we are adapting to our needs, which are great during the week of the festival. For example, the frequency of collection of recyclable materials and waste is increased.

We are continuing on this path with them.

On the site, the bins are well identified and visitors and exhibitors cooperate, which ensures that our event is a clean and responsible festival, all in collaboration with GDI Services.

We will still work with Recycan Inc for the recovery of cans.

MultiRecycle, for its part, recovered wood residue (beer pallets and others) at the end of the festival. We will hire them again in 2024.

The SAQ, for its part, will take back cans and bottles that come from its warehouse, as usual.

Our microbrewery exhibitors are collaborating and also aiming to reduce their footprint.

This is truly a group effort led by us.

Mr. Jean-Baptiste Gault, GMR project manager within the Peter McGill eco-district, Ville-Marie and SAESEM borough, came at our request to provide training to our volunteers. This presentation took place as part of our pre-opening information evening with our volunteers. It will be repeated again in May 2024.

SAESEM: Society for Action, Education and Environmental Awareness of Montreal

Our plan for May 2024:

We want to work together with a company specializing in eco-responsibility.

We also want to find volunteers specialized in the environment or associated with environmental causes.

Regarding composting, we would like to add it to our efforts if we find the right people to support us in this process.

All this with the aim of doing even better.

Here are some important actions:

- We have eliminated paper coupons for several years now and use RFID cards (reusable)

- We have also eliminated five-ounce plastic cups. Only glassware (or reusable cups) from Mondial de la Biere can be used on the site.

However, we did use batch of these small recyclable plastic glasses as part of our tasting workshops in the workshop space in 2023. On the recommendation of the CQEER, we made the decision to proceed in this way since these glasses were already in stock in our warehouse. Obviously, no purchases of glasses of this type will be made in the future.

- Our customers receive a reusable bag to carry their glass and more, it will be the same in 2024.

- The choice of location for our event is always dictated by accessibility to public transport. The Bonaventure and Lucien - L’Allier stations are very close to our location.

- In addition to the ecological reason to encourage people to use public transport, there is a safety reason for our festival goers, because we are a beer tasting event.

- We will still do our best to ensure that visitors understand where to throw everything: recycling and waste/trash. Recycling is managed in collaboration with the landlord.

We promote responsible consumption with the support of our partners Point Zéro 8 and Alco Prévention Canada (awareness and support) for the well-being of our visitors. (We are awaiting confirmation from Éduc’alcool).

- Also, the average tasting size is two to four ounces.

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