Outside Quebec

Development of the notoriety of the Mondial de la Bière Festival and the city of Montreal and Quebec from 2009 to 2024

Outside Quebec

Mondial de la Biere — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 10 editions — 11th edition October 2024

Mondial de la Biere — Salvador de Bahia, Brazil – 1st edition to be confirmed

Mondial de la Biere — Sao Paulo, Brazil - 2 editions — 3rd edition September 2025

Mondial de la Biere — Strasbourg, France, 3 editions — 2009-2010-2011

Mondial de la Biere — Mulhouse, France, 2 editions — 2013-2014

Mondial de la Biere — Paris, France, 3 editions — 2017-2018-2019

Mondial de la Biere ­–­– Europe — dates to be confirmed


• To develop the brewers' market and awareness we also participated with a MONDIAL DE LA BIÈRE sales area at

- ARRAS - FRANCE - Beer Potes Festival - September 2023

- RIMINI - SAPORE - Pianeta Birra show twice with a kiosk and once in the BIRRA & SOUND magazine space

- Festivitas MULHOUSE - 2 times with a Mondial de la Biere boutique

- The MULHOUSE October Days 1 time with a Mondial de la Bière boutique

• In addition to making continuous representations at various events = sustainability and notoriety

- Great British Beer Festival - Summer and winter London and Manchester

- Great American Beer Festival - USA Denver Colorado and several others in the USA.

- Brasil Brau - Sau Paolo Brazil

- Slow Food Cheese Festival – Bra Italy

- Blumenau Craft Beer Festival - Brazil

- Brau Bevial - Germany

- Great Canadian Beer Festival – Vancouver Canada

- Slow Food Salon del Gusto - Turin, Italy

- Stockholm beer and whiskey beer festival

- Ensenada Beer Festival, Baja California MEXICO

- San Diego, Extreme Beer Festival CALIFORNIA USA…. etc.

- Big Beer Festival, Vail, Colorado, US

- Barleywine Beer Festival, Anchorage, Alaska, US

- Annual participation in the Craft Brewing Conference - changes city each year - USA since 1995

- Advertising in Ale Street News, US, 20 years.

- Economic mission visit to Piedmont Italy breweries

- Economic mission visiting breweries in Japan

- Economic mission visiting breweries in Alsace, Germany and Nord Pas de Calais

- Annual visit to breweries in Brazil

- Annual visit to breweries and Zythos event in Belgium

- Annual visit to breweries in the United States

- Visits to breweries in Canada every 2 or 3 years

and several others in England, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico, China, etc.

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