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Pennsylvania Beer Trek

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Pennsylvania’s brewing heritage is a rich one, from the days of German immigrants who made some of the first lager beers in America in the mid-1800s to the new wave of craft landscape in the 1990s.

Following an explosion of microbreweries and brewpubs in the mid 1990s, the number of Pennsylvanian breweries has remained around the 50 mark, with some closings and the occasional new opening. Gradual expansion seems to be the order of the day among the first craft breweries which are approaching their 10th or 15th birthdays.

Stoudts in charming Adamstown Penn Brewing in Pittsburgh,Troegs in Harrisburg,Victory outside of Philadelphia, Yards in the city, Weyerbacher on the New Jersey border.

Brewpubs continue to pop up with chains such as Iron Hill and Sly Fox leading the way while the older regional breweries such as Yuengling. Lion and Straubs provide history and heritage.

Pennsylvania is a big and thirsty state, this map should help you find the best watering holes for freshly-brewed beer as you traverse its length and breadth. And when you’re planning a trip keep in mind the many beer festivals that this state boasts.

-Tony Forder, Ale Street News, May 2005

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Size opened: 20 x 24 inches (51 cm x 61 cm)

Size folded: 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches (11cm x 17 cm)

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Pennsylvania (PA)


United States